Restore Deleted Mobile Data

By | September 15, 2020

Powerful deleted image retrieval tool for easy detection and recovery of deleted images.

Recover Deleted Pictures – Recovering Deleted Photos allows you to easily recover deleted photos from your phone storage.

If you have lost a photo, witch craft is very important, recover deleted photos – you can help find and recover deleted photos.

If you have a hard time finding the best photo recovery app to recover deleted photos, then Recover Deleted Photos – can help you recover deleted photos.

All your deleted photos will be reinstalled in your phone’s storage with just one click.

Deleted Image Retrieval – Deleted Image Retrieval is a useful photo recovery retrieval tool that can locate and recover deleted images.

Deleted image recovery tool can help you recover your lost or deleted photo!
Remove and recover your lost or deleted photos using Disk Digger!

Disk Digger can remove or delete lost photos and images from your memory card or internal memory. No route required! * Whether you accidentally deleted a picture or resized your memory card, Disk Degree’s powerful data recovery features can detect your lost images and allow them to be retrieved. is

You can upload your received files directly to Google Drive, Drupal Pub Box X, or send them via email. The application lets you save files to various local folders on your device.

  • If your device is not rooted, the app will scan your “cache” and look for your cache and thumbnail for your deleted photos.
  • If your device is rooted, the app will search your device’s memory for any kind of photos and videos.
  • After the scan is complete, tap on the “Clear” button to remove what you want (currently an experimental feature, only available on the scan).
  • You can also use the “Clear Free Space” option to delete the remaining free space on your device, so deleted files can no longer be recovered.
    ★ Important note # 1
    If you plan to do a factory reset on the phone, please make sure that your external SD card has a default backup folder. If not, copy the entire backup folder (“SMSContactBackup”) to your external SD card by default.

★ Important note # 2
Android M6.0 disables access to third-party application bookmarks, so SuperBackup will not be able to restore bookmarks and bookmarks.

★ Important note # 3
If you have an automatic backup schedule and you use some applications such as Task Killer or Memory Clear, please make sure you add Super Backup to their whitelist or ignore the list.

★ Important note # 4
When you finish the SMS recovery process, the messages do not appear in your default SMS application, please try to restart your device.


  • Backup application on SD card
  • Backup download link for applications installed on Google Play
  • Application data backup and restore (main requirement)
  • Recover applications from batch SD card (original requirement)
  • One tap to share APK files
  • Backup contacts and SMS and call logs and bookmarks and SD card to cardholders
  • Retrieve call logs and bookmarks and contact details from callers and SMS and SD cards
  • You can select SMS Chat on backup
  • Create an automatic backup schedule
  • Download backup file from Google Drive
  • User can change the path of backup folder in settings
  • Can backup contact groups and image assets
  • Call Recorder: Support your voice call recording. It can fully record the sound of a phone call in an MP3 file. Clearly record the sound on both sides! Android 10 is not supported on Android 10

About permission

Read / modify your contacts
This permission allows you to backup and restore your contacts. Used

Enter bookmarks and history / read your webmarks and history
This permission is used to return and restore your bookmarks


  • Reinstall photo from your phone’s storage
  • Quickly recover deleted photos
  • Nice UI design and fast
  • Lost photo


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